4 Lbs Flint Style Coney Sauce 


An original topping known to Flint.

6 - 13oz Tubes of Detroit Style Hot Dog Chili Sauce


Remember your favorite Coney Island in Detroit?  Now have it where you live. This is the real deal. 

Gracie's Coney Sauce

10-10oz Tubes


Great for: Hot Dogs, Chips n' Cheese, Toco Salads, Burritos, Tacos and whatever else you can think of.

Chili Con Carne

7-16oz Tubes


Davis Meats




Inglehoffer Gourmet Topper
(9.5 oz)


Sweet Hot Mustard, Wasabi, or Original Stone Ground Mustard



Vlasic Sweet Relish

2-10oz Jars


Vlasic Dill Relish

2-10oz Jars



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